Ukrainian and Belarusian entrepreneurs met with the organizers of the VIII International Exhibition of Chinese goods “China Homelife Show-2019”

The business of the capitals of Ukraine and Belarus met with the organizers of the China Homelife Show-2019 with the support of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Belarus. Ukrainian and Belarusian entrepreneurs met with the organizers of the VIII International Exhibition of Chinese […]

The VII edition of China Homelife 2018 inaugurated in Warsaw

More than 1,700 Chinese manufacturers will present their products from China. The grandiose nature of this successfully prepared exhibition is evidenced by the invitation of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from many countries of Eastern Europe at the expense of the organizers. Businessmen from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic are […]

Exhibition China Homelife 2018 and other plans of Warsaw Chamber of Commerce were announced at a Press lunch

A press breakfast was organized in a restaurant in the center of Warsaw In Warsaw with the participation of leading Polish media including TV, Radio, Internet Medias. During the meeting Mr. Marek Traczyk, the President of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, presented the work plan of the Chamber in the coming months. Among them the most […]

Under the aegis of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. Europe – China Bridge

ABC imports from and exports to China and the key aspects of cooperation between Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs are the main topics of the conference Europe – China Bridge. The meetingwas a preview of the ongres of the post- soviet central and eastern Europe. Cooperation between China and the EU has many dimensions and is of great importance in the political, economic and technological, educational and cultural […]

The delegation of the Administration of Ji Nan (China) visited the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Capital

The delegation of the municipal government of Ji Nan, the capital of Shan Dong province hosted by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. Chinese guests are interested in business with partners in Poland. The authorities of Ji Nan were represented by: Vice Governor of the Province, Ms. Cui Zehua, Director General of Economic Cooperation Department Ha Jiaghua […]

Exhibition Export Expo – the focus of business in Central and Eastern Europe

  The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Polish Media Association and the magazine TTG Wiadomości Gospodarcze, organizes the exhibition Export Expo. This is the first event of this type, uniting exporters from Central and Eastern Europe, representing various industries. The exporters are invited – manufacturers, service providers. Participants will be given a […]

WIG offer

Since 1989 the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce has been building a strong economic self-government in order to represent the interests of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in a worthy manner. It supports its members in their efforts to develop, increase their competitiveness and strengthen their position on the local and international market. The basic directions of […]