Higher availability of loans for tourism development

New financing institutions will support micro, small and medium enterprises in the Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland – Tourism project. Owing to the introduced changes from preferential financing, companies that run or want to run business in one of the 5 voivodships of Eastern Poland, and their activity is registered in another part of the country, will be able to use it. In total, by 2026, the Ministry of Investment and Development will allocate PLN 200 million for loans.

The loans for tourism development can be used by micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) operating in the tourist and tourism-related industry in the voivodships of Eastern Poland: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlasie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmian-Masurian. The previous requirement that these companies are also registered in these voivodships has been abolished. Now, the location of the supported investment is enough. Among the novelties in the project is also enabling entrepreneurs who have already benefited from the support to re-apply for financing.

Financing can be designated, among others for the construction, renovation or extension of accommodation or catering facilities, sports and recreation infrastructure, spa, cultural and entertainment infrastructure, tourist transport, organization and tourist intermediation. Also, craftsmen and craftsmen as well as entrepreneurs who produce and sell organic food, traditional and regional products can apply for loans.

Thinking about the sustainable development of the country – and this is our goal, you can not fail to take advantage of the opportunity that tourism offers – an industry of growing importance in the national as well as global economy. Investments in tourism open up new opportunities, especially for areas that have enormous natural and cultural potential, and Eastern Poland has. In order for this potential to be fully utilized and the lack of capital was not a barrier to development, we launched national funds for investments and created for entrepreneurs a loan instrument Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland – Tourism – says Adam Hamryszczak, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Investment and Development.

Loans for tourism development are granted by financing institutions selected by BGK. These are: Fundusz Wschodni Sp. z o.o. (Podlasie province), Działdowska Agencja Rozwoju S.A. (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju (Lublin Voivodeship), National Association of Entrepreneurship Support (Świętokrzyskie Province), Regional Development Agency “MARR” S.A. (Podkarpackie voivodeship). Through these institutions, a further PLN 50 million will be available to SMEs.

The mission of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is to support Polish small and medium enterprises as well as sustainable development of Poland. Thanks to the changes in the project Entrepreneur Eastern Poland – Tourism, even more companies providing services in the tourism industry will be able to take advantage of preferential financing for the development of their activities. The whole region, its inhabitants and, above all, tourists visiting this part of Poland will also benefit from improving the quality of services offered – says Przemysław Cieszyński, a member of the board of BGK.

To date, more than 100 companies have already benefited from the project Entrepreneur Eastern Poland – Tourism, which received total financing for the amount of PLN 21.7 million. Entrepreneurs most often used loans for the construction and extension of accommodation facilities as well as recreation and sports infrastructure and catering facilities.

One of the entrepreneurs who developed their business thanks to the loan is Monika Osińska, who rents apartments and houses.

For taking a loan, we were made to dream about the development of our company. We already had two large tourist apartments and a cottage. Thanks to the loan, we renovated part of the house into 4 independent apartments and fully equipped them. An additional advantage was the fact that our facility is located on the Green Velo route and we have the status of a place friendly to cyclists. This gave us the opportunity to take advantage of the very low interest rate on the loan – says Monika Osińska, the owner of the company. Renting apartments and small houses Osińscy in Nowa Pasłęka (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship).

The maximum loan value is 500,000 zł. Financing can be obtained for 5 years, however, it is possible to extend the loan to up to 7 years if the amount of financing is higher than 250,000. PLN and after meeting other conditions. The interest rate ranges from 1.85 to 2.15 percent. and the required own contribution – 20 percent In the case of entrepreneurs whose facilities have the status of a “Cyclist-friendly place” along the Green Velo East Bicycle Route and companies that operate for no longer than 2 years, the interest rate is even lower and amounts to 0.925 percent, and own contribution is not required.

Loans for the development of tourism have a yarn with one advantage – a grace period in repayment is possible – up to 6 months from the date of financing start-up. The amount of loan repayment installments may take into account the seasonal nature of the tourist activity.

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