-activities to promote territorial self-government and economic self-government,
-access to the latest scientific achievements for the economy,
-lobbying for the development of economic cooperation of entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as all measures related to exports and imports,
-creation of jobs in the domestic market and outsourcing abroad,
-creation of a platform for broad cooperation of business entities in Central and Eastern Europe with other regions of the world,
-increase and deepening of cooperation of economic self-management with territorial self-management and state management,
-promotion and care of high standards of business activity, ethical standards in business and the dissemination of the principles of corporate social responsibility,
-support for the promotion and export of products, services and capital of entrepreneurs organized in economic self-government, including through cooperation with bilateral and multilateral CCIs

Moderator: Andrzej Faliński, Forum Dialogu Gospodarczego

Simultaneous interpretation into English, Russian, Polish

  • 14:00 Opening of the Congress with participation of representatives of state authorities and city government.
  • 14:10 Analysis of economic interaction with emphasis on exports to China – Mr. Krzysztof Furgala, Hineni Group Pekin
  • 14:30 The Economic Consortium of the Americas and Economic Cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe – George Lakis, GO AMERICAS
  • 14:40 Vyšehrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry V4C4 – regional cooperation in support of exports – Galambos Tamás, Budapest, Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • 15:05 Debate “Economic cooperation between Poland and China within the Great Silk Road”
    Moderator: Andrzej Pieczonka (Former były economic consul of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai).


Michał Laskowski – Morska Agencja Gdynia, Adrian Zwoliński – CSPA expert and doctorate SGH, Jakub Gołębiewski – OT LOGISTICS, Rafał Adamczyk – Burmistrz Miasta Sławkowa, Sławomir Urbaniak ) – Poczta Polska, Wojciech Grzesiok – FELB

The purpose of the discussion is to diagnose the current state of economic relations between Poland and China. In particular, issues related to how the idea of ​​”Belt and the Way” brings together Central and Eastern Europe and China in the plane of transport and logistics, as well as promotes the development of electronic commerce, will be considered.

  • 15:50 The debate on “Communication in a multicultural environment”
    Moderator: Patricia Pendrakovska, Educational Center “Poland-Asia”


Paulina Kiełbuś-Jania (BigChina), Andrzej Pieczonka, Mariola Bańko-Szwaj (Verico), Marek Orzechowski (Action), Jerzy Bednarek (Action) ) (DSBJ Africa)

The purpose of the discussion is to analyze ways to overcome cultural barriers. Participants in the debate will talk about their unique experience in the international environment.

  • 16:40 Speeches of representatives of economic self-government of Central and Eastern Europe
  • 16:55 Solemn signing of agreements on cooperation between bodies of economic self-government.


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