Thanks and wishes of MP Zbigniew Gryglas

The Polish-Chinese Economic Forum organized by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce was also attended by Zbigniew Gryglas, Member of Parliament of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. We place the thanks and wishes of the Member sent to the WIG.


Board and Members of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
Ladies and gentlemen,

thank you for the invitation to the Polish-Chinese Economic Forum 2019 organized by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. I am impressed by the level of speeches, substantive discussions and practical information that entrepreneurs interested in economic cooperation with China can use. I was pleased with the rich offer of Polish entrepreneurs, which should increase the scale of mutual trade.

Activities affecting the development of our industry – small and large companies, to create stable jobs are convergent with my program of activities in the economic sector. Until recently, I have run my own business and I know how cooperation with other countries is helpful in achieving successes. I hope that your next ventures, ie international fairs and congresses in Nadarzyn near Warsaw, will benefit entrepreneurs and traders.

Writing to you these words in Holy Week, I would like to express my heartfelt wishes for a healthy and cheerful Easter, prosperity in my personal life and company successes.

Zbigniew Gryglas
Member of the Seym of the Republic of Poland

Translated from WIG

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