The delegation of the Administration of Ji Nan (China) visited the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Capital

The delegation of the municipal government of Ji Nan, the capital of Shan Dong province hosted by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. Chinese guests are interested in business with partners in Poland.

The authorities of Ji Nan were represented by: Vice Governor of the Province, Ms. Cui Zehua, Director General of Economic Cooperation Department Ha Jiaghua and Chief Engineer of the Department of Assistance to Raine Shaw. Visitors from China were very interested in investing in Poland, in particular in industrial enterprises. They are looking for partners for real estate activities.

The guests highly appreciated the activities of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce under the leadership of Mr. Mark Trakchik, and the experience and success in organizing the exhibition of China Homelife were especially interesting for them.

Traditions and modernity

Ji Nan is the capital of Shan Dong province. The territory is almost 8 million square kilometers, where about 6.8 million people live. Ji Nan was one of the centers of ancient Chinese civilization. Nowadays, the province develops economy and trade along with the construction of a railway connecting Tien Jing and Shan Hai.
Currently, Ji Nan is the third industrial center of Shan Dong province. In 2017, Ginan’s GDP was 7.3 billion yuan, and development rate – 10.27%.

Recently, Ji Nan focused on the development of information technology, vehicles, household appliances and biological engineering products.

Ji Nan is the number nine shopping center in China. Financial institutions are well equipped and well managed. There are 18 universities and other universities in the city.

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