The Polish-Georgian Forum of Business 2019 took place on Thursday, January 31 in Warsaw

This is another meeting of entrepreneurs from both countries, and the first such event in the current year.The presence of the Georgian ambassador to the Republic of Poland testifies to the rank of the Warsaw meeting. Ilia Darchiashvili, opening the forum, stressed the importance of mutual commercial contacts and traditionally friendly relations between Georgia and Poland.

If you run a business, why choose Georgia?  The forum panelists spoke about the conditions, advantages, realities, principles of economic activity in Georgia. Among them is Joseph (Soso) Nibladze, executive director of one of the strongest free economic zones, Hualing Kutaisi, Nutsa Abramishvili, managing director of the Schumann Group – one of the winemaking companies in the Kakheti province. Cezary Zieniuk, director of IBCCS (co-organizer of the forum) presented the main principles of the legal and tax system governing economic life in Georgia.


Цезарь Зенюк, директор IBC Corporate Solutions. Фото Mirosław Gleb

The growing number of Polish tourists and companies investing in Georgia testify to our interest in this country. Business concretes filled the second part of the meeting. Experts forecast an increase in trade in many industries. This is to be encouraged by mutual respect and traditionally good, even friendly relations between Georgians and Poles. Forum participants talked about them on the corridors of the forum.

Марек Трачик, президент WIG, беседует с Нутшей Абрамишвили, генеральным директором Schuchmann Group.  Фото Mirosław Gleb
Marek Traczyk, president of WIG (Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and Industry), talks with Nutsa Abramishvili, ceo Schuchmann Group. Photo Mirosław Gleb


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