Exhibition China Homelife 2018 and other plans of Warsaw Chamber of Commerce were announced at a Press lunch

A press breakfast was organized in a restaurant in the center of Warsaw In Warsaw with the participation of leading Polish media including TV, Radio, Internet Medias.

During the meeting Mr. Marek Traczyk, the President of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, presented the work plan of the Chamber in the coming months. Among them the most interesting are the Exhibition China HomeLife 2018, the Festival of Soups of the World, and the Day of the Embassies.

The meeting ended with the signing of an agreement on cooperation between the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and a number of Polish and foreign Media.

Also, the official page of the Warsaw chamber of Commerce on Facebook yesterday published information about the signing of the first partnership agreement in preparation for the invitation of Entrepreneurs from the Central and Eastern Europe to the China HomeLife Exhibition in Warsaw on June 2018.

Sergey Anpilogov (left), Marek Traczyk (right)
Sergey Anpilogov (left), Marek Traczyk (right)
The agreement was signed by Mr. mark Traczyk from the Polish side, and by Mr. Sergey Anpilogov from the Ukrainian side.

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